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S50C-Cr Plate, S50C Sheet, S50C Plate, Stockist, Supplier, Trader of Carbon Steel

S50C-Cr Carbon Steel for Mechanical Structural Use in JIS G4051



S50C Carbon Steel Plate Stockist, Supplier & Exporter.

S50C Carbon Steel JIS G4051 for Mechanical Structural Use.

Carbon Steels have Lower carbon content than Carbon Tool Steels, and have less strict regulations on impurities. They are used in applications that require a certain amount of strength and toughness.

Carbon steels with low carbon content offer better raw-material workability, but are susceptible to uneven quenching, so care must be taken with regard to temperature management, cooling methods, and the like.

There are many Grades under Carbon Steel some of them are mentioned below.

  • Carbon Steels - S15C, S45C, S50C, S55C, and S60C
  • Carbon Tool Steels - SK2, SK4, SK5, SK6, and SK7


  1. S50C Carbon Steel is steel grade in standard JIS G4051 :

JIS S50C Steel Grade is one steel grade material in JIS G4051, which is standard specification of carbon steels for Machine Structural use, such as Hot Rolling or Hot Forging Tool Steels.


  1. JIS S50C Carbon Steel Supply Range :

S50C-Cr steel is suitable for shafts studs, keys etc. and S50C Steel materials are available as rolled or normalized delivery condition as per different customer requirements. We are professional JIS S50C Machinery Steel Supplier and manufacturer. We are able to supply steel S50C Plates, Sheets, Block, square bar, or S50C round steel bar or S50C steel flat, as below range:

S50C Steel Round Bar: 8mm-1600mm

S50C Steel Cold Drawn Bar: 5mm-70mm

S50C Steel Plate: 10 mm to 200 mm Thickness, Width 1500mm – 2500 mm, Length 3000 mm – 6000 mm


  1. JIS S50C Carbon Steel Equivalents :

There are some other steel standards and steel grades similar and equivalent to JIS S50C Carbon Steel Grade, as shown below:

  • BS EN 10083 C50E/1.1206,
  • ASTM A29, 1050
  • EN-8 / BS 970 080M50


  1. S50C Carbon Steel Properties :

Steel S50C Chemical Composition

Standard Grade C Mn P S Si
JIS G4051 S50C 0.47-0.53 0.60-0.90 0.03 0.035 0.15-0.35


JIS S50C Steel Mechanical Properties

TensileStrength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa)  Elongation Ration(%)  Reduction of areaPsi(%)  Impact meritAKV (J)  Resilient valueAKV(J/cm2)  Hardness  Annealed  
≥630 ≥375 ≥14 ≥40 ≥31 ≥39 ≤235HB ≤207HB


  1. JIS S50C Carbon Steel Hardness
  • Annealed, 179-235 HB
  • Tempered, 16-29 HRC


  1. Heat Treatment of JIS S50C Steel

JIS S50C Steel materials could be hardened by water quenching at 810-860 degree, and tempered by rapid quenching 550-650 degree


  1. Application of JIS S45C Carbon Steel Materials

JIS S50C grade carbon steel is widely used in machinery manufacturing, good mechanical properties of this steel.
S50C carbon steel are generally use to make mechanical parts, like spring, gear, tension bar, the roller, the axis, the load spindle etc.


Designation  International
USA  UK  Germany  France  Russia  China  Japan 
S55C   C55 1055   C55 C55 C55 -   55   S55C  
C55E4 C55E C55E C55E
C55M2 C50R C50R C50R
S50C   C50 1049   C50 C50 C50 50Γ   50   S50C  
C50E4 C50E C50E C50E
C50M2 C50R C50R C50R
S45C   C45 1045 C45 C45 C45 45Γ   45   S45C  
C45E4 1046 C45E C45E C45E
C45M2   C45R C45R C45R
S35C   C35 1035   C35 C35 C35 35Γ   35   S35C  
C35E4 C35E C35E C35E
C35M2 C35R C35R C35R
S15C  C15E4 1015  C15E C15E C15E 15  S15C 
C15M2 C15R C15R C15R


Standards :

JIS G4051 Grade S50C


Equivalent standards :

GB 3275 Grade 50  NBN 253-06 Grade C53  BS Grade 970-1 UNI 5598 Grade 3CD50  SIS 141674 Grade 1674-08 
GB 3522 Grade 50  EN 10083-2 Grade C50  MSZ 5736 Grade D51  UNI 5598 Grade ICD50  SIS 141674 Grade 1674-00 
GOST 10702 Grade 50  EN 10083-1 Grade C50E MSZ 5736 Grade D51K  UNI 6783 Grade Fe70-3 SIS 141674 Grade 1674-01
GOST 1050 Grade 50  BDS 3492 Grade 55LI  MSZ 61 Grade C50  UNI 7065 Grade C50  SIS 141674 Grade 1674-03 
GOST 8479 Grade 50 BDS 3492 Grade 55LII  MSZ 61 Grade C50E UNI 7065 Grade C51  JIS G4051 Grade S50C
GOST 1577 Grade 50  BDS 3492 Grade 55LIII IS 1570 Grade C50  UNI 7845 Grade C50  EN 10132-3 Grade C50E 
GOST 2284 Grade 50  BDS 5785 Grade 50  IS 3749 Grade T50  UNI 7847 Grade C53 EN 10277-5 Grade C50E 
GOST 21996 Grade 50 CSN 412051 Grade 12051  IS 5517 Grade C50  UNI 7874 Grade C50  ISO 683-18 Grade C50E4
GOST 7521 Grade B-56  SEW 550 Grade Ck50 ISO 683-18 Grade C50 UNI 8373 Grade 1C50  YB/T 107 Grade SM50 
GOST 8531 Grade L53  NF A36-612 Grade F70  ISO 683-1 Grade C50  UNI 8893 Grade C50 GB/T 699 Grade 50 
AS 1442 Grade K1050 NF A35-552 Grade XC48TS  ISO 4960 Grade CS50  NOM B-301 Grade 1049  GB/T 3078 Grade 50 
AS 1442 Grade S1050  NF A35-552 Grade XC48HI ISO 683-1 Grade C50E4 NOM B-203 Grade 1050  DIN 17212 Grade Cf53
AS 1443 Grade K1050  NF A35-552 Grade XC50  UNI 6403 Grade C48  NOM B-301 Grade 1050 EURONORM 86 Grade C53 
AS 1443 Grade S1050 NF A37-502 Grade C50  UNI 7847 Grade C48  COPANT Grade 330  JUS C.B9.022 Grade C1633
SAE J403 Grade 1050  BS Grade 1549  UNI 5332 Grade C50 COPANT Grade 331  MIL S-46059 Grade G10500 
SAE J412 Grade 1050  ASTM A830 Grade 1049 MIL S-10520 Grade 6  JIS G3445 Grade STKM17A GOST 10543 Grade Np-50G
SIS 141674 Grade 1674  ASTM A830 Grade 1050  MIL S-16788 Grade C5 JIS G3445 Grade STKM17C  FEDERAL QQ-S-635 Grade C1050
AMS 5085 Grade 1050  ASTM A311 Grade 1050  UNS Grade G10490  JIS G3311 Grade S50CM  FEDERAL QQ-S-700 Grade C1050 
ASTM A29 Grade 1050 ASTM A576 Grade 1049 UNS Grade G10500 JIS G4051 Grade S53C  SIS 141674 Grade 1674-04 
ASTM A513 Grade 1050  ASTM A576 Grade 1050  COPANT Grade 514  PN 84028 Grade DW52  SIS 141674 Grade 1674-05
ASTM A510 Grade 1049  ASTM A866 Grade 1050  COPANT Grade 333 PN 84032 Grade 50S  DOD F-24669/1 Grade G10500 
ASTM A510 Grade 1050 ASTM A519 Grade 1050 PN 84023 Grade R65  STAS 880 Grade OLC50 JUS C.B0.501 Grade PZ50 
ASTM A682 Grade 1050  ASTM A108 Grade 1050  PN 84028 Grade D50  STAS 880 Grade OLC50X  JUS C.B2.020 Grade C1600 
ASTM A827 Grade 1050  ASTM A568 Grade 1050  PN 84028 Grade D50A STAS 880 Grade OLC50AT  JUS C.B9.021 Grade C16301
AISI 1050 EN 10277-2 Grade C50  STN 412051 Grade 12051  UNE 36011 Grade C48K-1 JUS C.B9.021 Grade C16302 
MIL S-16974  EN 10250-2 Grade C50 UNI 8551 Grade C53     

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